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At-home cloud storage solution

Fluffy NAS is an at-home cloud storage solution that backs up your data in an encrypted peer to peer network.​

A breakthrough in personal storage, the Fluffy NAS provides an intuitive browser-based access to your files anywhere, at any time.

Fluffy NAS

Never be without your hard drives

When you order the Fluffy NAS you get a device that you can connect all of your external hard drives and thumbdrives too – and access them anywhere any time! Join our Beta program, and help us launch this concept.

Fluffy NAS

Always Connected

Get access to your data at any time

Get browser-based login to all of the devices connected to your Fluffy NAS

Encrypted connection to your files

Hardware-based encryption and browser encryption technologies help protect access to your data. Easy setup of a private login to your device.

Browse your documents quickly from mobile

Retrieve, download, and upload your files to your home storage devices easily

Quick overviews of all your attached devices

Rest assured that your devices will always be quickly accessible, any time.

A One-Time Purchase for Ongoing Cloud Access

Simple yet Powerful

Attach Your Devices
Fast One-Time Configuration
Access Your Data Anywhere

Save Money on Cloud-based Hosting, and Control Your Own Data

Why spend money monthly on third-party cloud services? Why not spend a one-time fee getting the equipment to have your own cloud-accessible data? Get a Fluffy NAS, and attach your USB External Hard Drives, and USB Thumb drives to increase your storage capacity. Just add an internet connection and your data is accessible anywhere, through our encrypted browser interface.

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Free essentials or ultimate protection?

Protect what’s

Yours with Internet Security

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World-class protection

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